Run a cloze test

Run a cloze test with this template to make sure your content can be clearly understood. Remove key words to help identify potential gaps in your content, and discover how easy your test is for users to read and digest.

What you’ll learn:

Remove pieces of text from your content to discover whether enough context is provided for users.

Can your audience effectively comprehend your content and copy?

Shape your messaging and value propositions based on data-driven feedback to your tests.

Measure reading comprehension from targeted audiences and ensure your words are providing the right impact for your product.

How to use


Log in to your Maze account (if you haven’t got one, don’t worry—it’s free to join).


Select this Cloze test template from the gallery.


Modify blocks and copy to your preference.


Do a pilot test with somebody in your organization (preferably, not on your team).


All good? Then it’s time to set it live and wait for the feedback to roll in!

Why should I use this cloze test template?

This cloze test template can help your product and marketing teams ensure the right message is landing—and being understood—by your target audience.

What is a cloze test or assessment?

A cloze test is an exercise in which a participant is purposefully given a text passage with missing words.

What is the purpose of a cloze assessment?

The main purpose of a cloze test is to determine whether your content is easy to read and understand for your target audience. If participants experience difficulty understanding your content with words omitted, it’s a sign you might need to provide more context and improve your messaging.

How is a cloze test scored?

Your cloze test results are calculated by the overall percentage of words guessed correctly in your text.

Based on research, a score of 60% or higher indicates your content is reasonably comprehensible. Be aware that errors such as spelling mistakes or incorrect punctuation should not impact your users’ score when it comes to a cloze test.

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