Wireframe & Usability Testing

Back up product design decisions

Create amazing user experiences with quantitative user insights that validate designs.

Understand user behavior

Validate usability across your wireframes and prototypes with real users. Capture early feedback on accessibility and user experience to learn more about your users, and your designs.

Adobe XD

See your users’ journey as it happens

Capture video and screen recordings with Clips, so you can bring human context to usability sessions in Maze.

Digest data and make decisions as a team

Create and share custom usability tests with real users—and watch responses turn into actionable data points your whole team can access.


"Using Maze has supercharged our product design process and made it possible to drive faster turnaround times, speeding up product iteration and making for a better, faster user experience."

Yuna Akazawa, Product Designer at Braze

Nothing should come between your team and great product research

Everything you need to test usability, carefully considered

Add Missions

Add Missions

Create goals for your users. Add Mission Blocks to your usability test and record multiple paths to success.

Get Maze Reports

Get Maze Reports

Build a cross-company research culture with beautiful, data-filled reports you can easily share with teams and stakeholders.

Ask Open Questions

Ask Open Questions

Remove assumptions and biases. Empower users to share their honest feedback to help inspire your product decisions.

Import from Design Tools

Import from Design Tools

Test prototypes from Figma, InVision, Adobe XD, and Sketch.

Copy that speaks your users’ language

Validate copy and content decisions before launch to learn if it resonates with your audience. Then collect post-launch insights to help tweak and perfect it over time.

Make product discovery continuous with Maze