Accelerate your time to right

Build the right products faster with the modern user research platform that embeds user insights into every stage of product development.

The way companies build products is fundamentally broken

For too long, companies have faced a dilemma: learn from users or be fast to market. Limited research bandwidth and maturity results in product teams choosing rapid development above leveraging user insights.

Teams are making critical decisions without crucial user data

Prioritizing speed over user insights often yields disastrous outcomes– failed product launches, developer time consumed by reworking solutions, and costly initiatives disregarding user needs.

And outdated research tools are holding teams back

Stuck with legacy research tools, teams face bottlenecks and slow decisions. These antiquated approaches fail to keep up with the demands of fast-paced product development.

Report metrics for UX Research

Don’t choose between building fast and building right

Maze is the user research platform that makes product work for people, by making user insights available at the speed of product development.

UX Reporting Metrics and Insights

Get insights in hours, not weeks

Research shouldn’t slow you down. With Maze, teams can create a study in minutes, recruit the right audience, and get rapid insights that drive decisions.

Automated Interview Summary with AI - Maze

Research is hard. Maze is easy.

Break down silos and make research a team sport. Maze empowers researchers, designers, and product managers to easily collect user insights when they need them, from ideation to production.

Decisions, not just data

Decisions, not just data

Unlike legacy research tools, Maze does the hard work for you. With AI-powered analysis and reporting, teams can quickly and easily build influence, involve stakeholders, and make informed decisions.

Don’t choose between building fast and building right.