Continuous product discovery—your new competitive edge

Uncover customer insights, remove guesswork, and drive business innovation. Break free from research restrictions with a single platform.

The way we build and improve products is broken

Limited research bandwidth, complicated methods, and siloed access to users are hurdles leaving product teams deficient or cutting corners when it comes to product feedback.

60% of product teams connect with users less than monthly...

... even though they’re making decisions daily. Businesses are missing an opportunity to truly understand their customers to drive real competitive advantage.

Research insights are key to business success

Product research drives superior business outcomes, namely reduced time-to-market (4.3x), increased revenue (4.2x), and improved brand perception (3x).

Report metrics for UX Research

This is exactly where Maze comes in

Run expert-level research autonomously using a breadth of methods, removing bottlenecks and operational inefficiencies.

UX Reporting Metrics and Insights

Maze saves time, and delivers return on your investment

Inform decisions with real customer insight, save on costly design and engineering rework, and deliver the right products to market, faster.

One holistic research platform

One holistic research platform

Maze consolidates moderated and unmoderated tests, panel and recruitment, and live website testing, into one single platform. Enhance security, foster cross-functional workflows and say goodbye to the complexity and costs of multiple tools.

Say goodbye to dead ends in product discovery