Scale continuous discovery with surveys

Measure customer satisfaction, test new ideas, and dive deeper into feedback with surveys to move you closer towards your product goals.

Surveys that dig deeper

Collect feedback whether they’re sitting across the room or across the globe. Hire from a diverse panel of testers, or share a simple URL with your own users to hone in on the insights you need.

Delight your users with great product experiences

Build products your team can be proud of. Keep your users engaged with logic branching to collect only the relevant stuff—no fluff.

Scale your learnings without compromising on quality

The saying goes ‘quality over quantity’—but why not both? With open and closed block types to customize your survey, there’s no fear of diluting deep feedback.

Want to make your findings go further?

We’ll do the heavy-lifting and transform your valuable data into automated, shareable reports. Track trends, pick up problems, and suss out solutions—faster.


"We have incorporated Maze into our product development process to allow our users to drive our product rather than us driving our assumptions."

Chloe Easterlow, Product Designer at UNiDAYS

Build something better together

Run in-app team reviews before sharing your research with users. Get approval or notes from stakeholders in real-time using Comments and @mentions to capture feedback on copy, design, and more.

It’s not just what you ask. It’s how you ask.

The questions you ask are important but the way you ask them changes everything. Whether you’re searching for quantitative data to explore key trends, or want to deep dive into your users’ thoughts, there’s a Maze question block to suit your survey.

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

Offer your users a selection of choices and let them pick what applies.



Sometimes, simple is best. Ask a Yes/No question when you want a closed-ended answer to your question.

Opinion Scale

Opinion Scale

With an Opinion Scale, you can ask participants to evaluate a statement on a rating scale.

Open Question

Open Question

Open Questions allow you to collect more qualitative, open-ended answers from participants.

Make continuous product discovery possible with Maze