Five seconds is all it takes

Five seconds is all it takes

First impressions count. Discover the impact your product has on users with a 5-Second Test to make the right changes and leave a lasting impression.

Put your users’ feelings first

Put your users’ feelings first

Prioritize your users’ experience when they first see your product. Run a simple five-second test to measure customer sentiment and make more informed product decisions.

five second test initial screen

Make more memorable products

Stay on their minds for all the right reasons. Measure the impact of your design before going live to launch products your users won’t want to forget.

product feature report with usability score

Turn first impressions into lasting learnings

Impressions are given quickly, but key learnings develop over time. Make your research go further with follow-up questions, and turn findings into detailed Maze Reports for the whole team.

feedback satisfaction quantitative survey

Looking for more learnings?

Expand your user insights with an easy-to-create survey. Add question block types like Multiple Choice, Rating Scales, and Open Questions to your five-second tests to get even deeper feedback.

Save time, test designs

A first impression might be formed in five seconds, but creating a test can take a bit longer than that. Luckily, we’ve already designed one that just needs your own spin on it.

Learn fast and make product impressions that last