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Curious to know what users really think of your product? You could make assumptions, or you could collect valuable qualitative and quantitative feedback using this product feedback survey template.

What you'll learn

Are you meeting customer expectations? Understand if your product is currently helping users accomplish their goals.

Are your customers satisfied enough to act as ambassadors for your product? Would they recommend it to other people?

Will your users continue to use your product? Highlight issues in retention or signal problems in adoption.

Discover a framework to gather valuable user insights that’s easy to scale and get in front of users for fast feedback.


Log in to your Maze account (if you haven’t got one, don’t worry—it’s free to join)


Select this product feature template from the gallery.


Modify blocks and copy to your preference.


Do a pilot test with somebody in your organization (preferably, not on your team).


All good? Then it’s time to set it live and wait for the feedback to roll in!

When should I use this template to collect product feedback?

You should start collecting product feedback early into your development process to help guide your product in the right direction. At Maze, we’re big believers in continuous product discovery and feedback, so we recommend checking in frequently with your users to ensure you’re consistently helping them meet their goals. A follow-up survey every six months can help keep things on track.

What are some best practices for collecting and analyzing product feedback?

There’s lots of things to keep in mind when setting up your product feedback survey. Here’s some key things to be mindful of:

  • Survey early and often. Before investing the time and money to build your product, send a survey and see what your customers think. Starting with user surveys will help you gauge interest for your brand. But don’t stop there! Sentiments change over time.
  • Sometimes less is more. Keep questions short and to the point. Make sure they are clearly written and easy to understand.
  • Create an open space. Include open-ended questions in your survey to build a better picture of your customers’ buying motivations and what they think of your product. Encouraging short answers such as ‘yes’ ‘no’ ‘maybe’ will make understanding the why more difficult.
  • Organize your data into segments. If you analyze all of your responses in one group, your data won’t be wholly accurate. Split your audiences into demographics such as age brackets and gender, and monitor whether there are discrepancies between variables.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is product feedback?

Product feedback is any information shared by your users about their experience and satisfaction with the product. This can include ideas, opinions, criticisms, and insights that can be used to make your product more user-centric. Using this product feedback survey template will allow you to collect the insights you need to help improve your product, and fast.

Why is product feedback important?

There are many reasons product feedback is so important, but broadly speaking there are three main benefits:

  • Improving customer experience and satisfaction
  • Prioritizing the product roadmap and validating new ideas
  • Building a successful product

What should I include in my product feedback survey?

While the questions in your feedback survey will be unique to your context, here are some general questions to keep in mind when crafting your survey to help get the insights you may need:

  • How often do you use our product?
  • What important features are we currently missing?
  • What problem are you trying to solve by using our product?

💡 For more questions to help create your product feedback survey, visit our Question Bank with 350+ research questions. Designed to help you get insights.

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