Feedback Survey Templates

Gathering feedback isn’t always easy. Knowing which questions to ask (and how many) can be a challenge that leaves your team with sub-par results from users. That’s why we went ahead and created some templates (and tips) to help. Just select the one that best fits your needs, add your questions, and set it live.


Get fast product feedback

Product • Marketing • Feedback Survey

Get fast product feedback

Bring user insights to future product iterations


Test new feature satisfaction

Product • Feedback Survey • Satisfaction Survey

Test new feature satisfaction

Pinpoint any challenges users may have that require attention and iteration

Get product onboarding feedback

Marketing • Research • Feedback Survey

Get product onboarding feedback

Identify areas for improvement within your onboarding flow


Beta testing feedback

Research • Design • Feedback Survey

Beta testing feedback

Reveal user challenges during beta tests

Best practices for running a successful feedback survey

While the questions in your feedback survey will be unique to your context, here are some general tips to keep in mind when crafting your survey to keep users engaged:

  1. Align with your stakeholders
    Always start with a research (survey) plan to align on the goals of the survey and what research questions you hope to answer with it.

  2. Set the right expectations with your team
    Surveys are great for gathering thoughts and opinions but not so much for understanding behaviors and sometimes make it difficult to dig deeper into insights. If your team is interested in collecting behavioral data, methods such as usability tests or quantitative tests are a better fit.

  3. Don't miss the pilot test
    Like any other research method, always test your plan with someone before launch to ensure there are no confusing parts.

  4. Be intentional
    Avoid bombarding your participants with surveys; make sure someone keeps track of when they get sent and how often. For example, if you run large customer satisfaction surveys, you should limit this to once a quarter at the most. For feature-specific surveys, try to send these to different customer segments at intervals to avoid bombarding the same people over and over again.

  5. Make it valuable
    Highlight the intention and goals of the survey so the respondents feel like there's something in it for them to give you their time.

💡 For more tips on how to keep users engaged with your survey, visit our Survey Design: Process, Principles, and Questions article.

Frequently asked questions

What is a product feedback survey?

A product feedback survey gives you the opportunity to ask the right questions to get that all-important product validation. It’ll allow you to get to know what your users like and dislike, what updates you can make to improve their experience and how to attract new users.

Start by sending a product feedback survey straight after purchase. Here you can learn what customers like and dislike, what updates you can make to improve the experience for current customers and how to attract new customers.

Following up again 3-6 months after purchase will help you measure how far you’ve come, and to understand how to push your product further.

These valuable insights will help you with the creation and design of what you’re making too — so it’s a crucial step for product development.

Are there examples of questions I should ask in a satisfaction survey?

To get the most effective feedback from your users, you need to ask the right questions—and in the right way. To help you get started, use Maze’s 350+ Question Bank. If you’re struggling to find the words or scared of missing a crucial research question, don’t worry—we’ve got your back. Asking the right research questions can be difficult, so that's why we created a Question Bank with 350+ questions for you to use.

What can feedback survey results be used for?

With Maze, you can view results of your satisfaction surveys in automated, shareable reports. So whether your Product team needs to view feedback on a new feature, or your Customer Success team deserves praise for helpful service, making key learnings accessible to everyone couldn’t be simpler.

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