Validate product-market fit

This template will help you measure how well your product is meeting the needs of your defined market. Use this survey regularly and cross-reference insights to signal when to grow.

What you'll learn

Collect quantitative and qualitative results that signal when you’ve reached product-market fit.

Gauge how users feel about your product as a whole and how they would respond if it no longer was an option.

Understand the ‘why’ behind your user’s answers with open-ended questions that provide the opportunity for honest feedback.

Introduce a scalable framework for gathering global market feedback on your product, enabling you to get insights at speed.

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Welcome screen

What's your role?

Multiple Choice

How would you feel if you could no longer use [Product]?

Multiple Choice

What makes you feel that way?

Open Question

If [Product] were no longer available, what would you use instead?

Open Question

What is the main benefit you receive from Maze?

Open Question

Thank you screen