Get product onboarding feedback

Use this survey to learn about your users' onboarding experience first hand and identify areas for improvement that could result in higher adoption and activation rates.

What you'll learn

Signal the effectiveness of your onboarding by getting an understanding of how comfortable users are with your product.

Identify underlying problems or unresolved issues users may not have raised during their onboarding process.

Understand if there were any gaps in your onboarding communication and identify key areas for improvement.

Pair both qualitative and quantitative user insights with your reporting metrics to optimize your customer onboarding.

A little background to get you off on the right foot

What are usability tests?

Usability testing is the process of testing your product with real people by getting them to complete a list of tasks while observing and noting their interactions. The goal of conducting usability testing is to understand if your design is usable and intuitive enough for users to accomplish their goals.

In the phase of testing new features, you should aim to test the prototype both with people that are not familiar with your product, and existing customers. They might give you different feedback and insights, some seeing your product for the first time and trying to understand how it works, while others already with some experience having used it previously.

Best practices to keep in mind

There are lots of things to keep in mind when you are usability testing. That said, here are some of the most important ones:
Get consent. You should get consent at two separate points during usability testing from your test participants.

  1. Be inclusive. You should be intentional about the people you want to participate in your usability test, and you should make sure to include people who may have different perspectives on your product.
  2. Run a pilot test. Before you ask for any of your customers or potential customers to spend their time giving you feedback, make sure to pilot your usability test with someone inside your organization, ideally someone not on your team.
  3. Establish evaluation criteria. You should know what success looks like for your product testing and have clear ways to identify if and when people were (not) successful.
  4. Be mindful of length. Your usability test should be only as long as it needs to be for you to have confidence in your results. People do not exist to give you product feedback, and very few people want to spend all day evaluating the usability of your product.

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