Feedback & Satisfaction

Make feedback the foundation of your decision-making

Build the right product—with your users, for your users. Collect feedback and gauge sentiment to get a pulse on current product value and new opportunities to pursue across the entire product cycle.

Get in-context, actionable feedback

Create and share dynamic user surveys that transform responses into quantitative results. Then use it to push product decisions, make iterations, and build something your users will love.

Research autonomously, learn together.

Scale a polished research standard across your whole company with the automated Maze Report. Customize, collaborate, and share findings with every stakeholder.


"Maze allows us to get feedback on our UI design from more users in less time than scheduling in-person tests at the office. I have gotten tremendous support from the maze team at every turn."

Albert Hauksson, Lead UX Designer and Design Team Lead at Meniga

Nothing should come between your team and great product research

Everything you need to gather feedback, carefully considered

Set Multiple Choice Questions

Set Multiple Choice Questions

Bring quantifiable data to questions by giving users the ability to choose between set answers.

Run Opinion Scales

Run Opinion Scales

Get a pulse on sentiment and easily identify key trends. Ask users to rate ideas on a numeric or emotion-based opinion scale.

Ask Open Questions

Ask Open Questions

Remove assumptions and biases. Empower users to share their honest feedback to help inspire your product decisions.

Set Conditions

Set Conditions

Create different test paths based on your users’ responses and gather more contextual data.

You’ve got the sentiment, now test the solutions

Validate your ideas and concepts by getting feedback from users early on.

Build the habit of continuous product discovery with Maze