Run an early prototype test

Easily test your early-stage prototypes with users using this template. Gather key insights, expectations, frustrations, and more from your target audience to help shape product decisions and get your team moving in the right direction.

What you’ll learn:

Enter your next product launch with confidence. Examine and refine ideas early in your product development process to ensure you’re moving in the right direction for your users.

Can people navigate through your app without friction? Does your design encourage discoverability?

Say goodbye to post-launch headaches by implementing product fixes early on—based on real user feedback.

Implement a discovery mindset and cross-company culture of continuous learning by sharing key insights—so you can work towards a clear goal, together.

How to use


Log in to your Maze account (if you haven’t got one, don’t worry—it’s free to join).


Select this product concept validation emplate from the gallery.


Modify blocks and copy to your preference.


Do a pilot test with somebody in your organization (preferably, not on your team).


All good? Then it’s time to set it live and wait for the feedback to roll in!

When should I use this early prototype test template?

As the name suggests, this template should be used early on in your product development cycle and with lo-fi prototypes to help you validate your ideas. This way you can easily gather user thoughts, concerns, and expectations—without having to worry about costly re-works to your product.

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